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DAYAL HISTORY The origins of Dayal poultry appliances date back to the year 1956, when Sardar Kabul Singh invented the very first electric incubator in the India
The company, Dayal Poultry Appliances was founded by Late Sardar Kabul Singh in the year 1956.. was honoured by our late prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi for bringing useful foreign currency in India in Poultry manufacturing section. All Dayal equipment is designed to give a lifetimes profitable service, in short- Quality for life.

Vision, mission, values
To develop poultry industry to become the most important source of animal protein worldwide. Dayal products, services and continuing innovations allow the wellbeing of both humans and animals to be safeguard., within the context of globalization and industrialization.

Dayal Poultry wants to be the world leader in the development, production, export and service of incubators and hatcheries, with the view to maximize the client's return on investment.
At Dayal, we objectively focus on every aspect that affects hatchability and chick quality in term of providing best value for money. This can very well be evaluated by the quality and quantity of chicks produced in each and every cycle again and again over a life time.

We have respectfully cooperated to meet the irregular demands of specialized hatcheries which require a heighten. level of bio-security for large-scale commercial hatcheries. We offer incubation systems where large volume of product is required in a regular continuous cycle 

We strive to be a trustworthy partner
High Quality Incubators offered by Dayal provide profitability for life time and in time protect your long term investment interests. Dayal specializes in meeting the distinct individualized tender orders by designing and manufacturing the .equipment conforming to the desired specifications. At Dayal we all ensure that while development of those Models, the quality of equipment is maintained.


The company ensures the most efficient utilization of labor, energy and operational procedures with continuous Research & Development. innovative approach and dynamic management. which have revolutionized the Poultry industry.

Quality: The Company is manufacturing fully automatic state of the art incubators. These incubators are widely acclaimed all over the World as best quality setters and hatchers. At Dayal, we have built the reputation of providing best value for money within the time frames, according to our commitment to our customers

Quality for Life

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy, "Quality for Life" stands for what we believe is important for all our customer's.

Dayal is constantly seeking new and innovative ways of improving hatchability and chick quality.

Every aspect of the incubation process, from on farm egg collection to the despatch of top quality chicks, is constantly reviewed as the company strives for total perfection.

Undoubtedly, the key to long-term profitability is through the selection of equipment that can not only guarantee the highest standards of quality but also provide the most effective performance.

In this respect, Dayal equipments is designed for a life-time's profitable operation. In other words, Quality for Life.

Today, working with a tight financial budget can be extremely difficult, often leading to purchasers overlooking the long term effect of an investment in favour of simply accepting the lowest price. We should not forget that decisions made today will have to be lived for many years and therefore it is vital to make the choice of equipment for maximising profitability.

What sets all manufacturers of incubation equipment apart is the varied quality and efficiency of the machines and services offered. At Dayal, because we are fully aware of today's pressures and the difficulties in achieving acceptable profit margins, we refuse to sacrifice our high standards in order to lower prices. As always, our aim is to maintain a product of the highest standard in terms of design, quality materials and workmanship— as well as ensuring the most efficient utilisation of labour, energy and operational procedures. Equally important, we also take special care to ensure that all our equipment satisfies the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Dayal has always chosen to lead the way in advanced technology, rather than follow the paths of the others and this has undoubtedly been the main reason for our continued success.

The aim of all hatchery managers is to produce the maximum number of first-class chicks, poults or ducklings at the most economical cost and this can not be achieved from equipment alone. At Dayal, we identify all areas that affect hatchebility and chick quality, constantly reviewing our design and, whenever possible, introducing new concepts that will contribute to even the smallest improvement in overall efficiency.

For well over 60 years we have contributed significantly to the development of the modern hatchery industry. We have been responsible for many of the innovations that hatchery managers take for granted today and our commitment will continue through a structured development programme that will allow us to reach even higher standards of quality and efficiency.

We believe the equipment and services offered by Dayal will improve efficiency, lower production costs and improving working conditions. We shall also continue to sell our best, rather than cheapest, thereby enabling hatcheries to increase profitability year after year.

Stakeholder Benefits

Dayal equipments is designed to achieve best quality & maximum quantity of chicks with lifetimes profitable service,

We Help You To Maximize Your Profit For Life
If you think running a hatchery is all about achieving the highest hatchability, then you're probably conducting your business like many other hatcheries. But if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to take it a step further.

Dayal Poultry is the one of the top leader's in incubators and hatcheries. We know how to get the best economic return out of your hatchery.

Hatching more and better quality chicks

DAYAL has developed lines of incubation equipment which meet the needs of the modern hatchery and its managers for reliability, performance and ease of use, while providing a natural incubation environment. Dayal products helps to increase your quantity of chicks you hatch without undervalue their quality. That's what we call optimum incubation, resulting in: • high hatchability ratio
• low mortality rate
• healthy and uniform body weight
Optimizing your entire hatchery performance

Building or modifying a hatchery requires a great deal of expertise across varied disciplines, from design and layout, engineering and specification, to developing accurate calculations for the hatchery's ideal design, manpower and energy needs and ROI. All these skills are required not only to configure and set up the hatchery successfully, but also to project its future needs and returns. Your hatchery management involves more than just :tinning your incubators. Opting the right hatchery design, infrastructure and work flow will make your hatchery:
• highly efficient
• easy to maintain
• safe and secure
• Better rate of return (ROI) MAP

Go for long-term economic returns
You want a competitive initial capital investment and you expect a guaranteed return on your investment for many years to come. That's why you need long-lasting solutions : • consistently up-to-date equipment
• guaranteed long-term support
• Maximize your profitability

Energy consumption affects both operational costs and the environment - and as a matter of Managing the profitability of your hatchery requires controlling all aspects of your day-to-day operations. This allows:
• reducing energy costs
• optimizing labour efficiency
• maximizing production