Debeakers (with/without Stand)

DE-BEAKING is done by poultry-keepers either when feather-picking or cannibalism begins, or as a routine method of prevention when the pullets are about to be put in the laying houses. Some trim the tip of the beak; but most cut back a third of the upper beak, which gives rise to bleeding. Electro-cautery is an alternative.

Debeaking stops cannibalism and feed waste with exclusive features of Dayal 'Super' Debeaker. It also prevents losses caused by fighting and egg eating. It helps in improving quality of birds. Infact debeaking is life saving process of beak burning.

Salient Features

  • Simple In Operations
  • Sturdy In Manufacture And Design.
  • Good For Years Of Trouble Free Service.
  • Has No Heating Element To Burn.
  • Debeaking And Cauterization Done Simultaneously.
  • Removable Fan For Better Cleaning
  • Water Cooling Provided By Copper Cooling Coils

Optional Features

  • Temperature Of Cauterization Blade Adjustable For Chicks, Hens Or Turkeys.
  • You Can Get Exact Temperature You Want For Quick Cauterization And Comfort. Just Turn The Knob To Increase Or Decrease The Temperature.
  • Amazing Heat Up. Attains Cauterization Temperature In 10 Seconds.
  • Being Provided With Transformer With Output Of Only 1 Volt (100 Watts) Is Shock Roof.
  • Heat Concentrated On Cauterization Point.
  • Cauterization Blade Located At Front. Easy To See And Operate. No Need For Light. Cauterization Blade Provided Some Illumination.
  • Economical. No Upkeep Except To Change Blade.

Technical Specifications for Commercial Hatchers

  • Operates on 220 Volts single phase 50 cycles.
  • Heat is adjustable by turning a knob for obtaining correct temperature needed for debeaking chicks, hens or turkeys.
  • Provided with air cooled transformer 220 Volts input and output 1 volt 100 amps (100 watts).
  • Provided with suitable flexible cord (5 ft long) for connecting debeaker to power.
  • Stainless metal blade fitted to avoid rust or corrosion.
  • Cauterization space adjustable for debeaking chicks, hens, turkeys.
  • Suitable springs provided to ensure proper foot pedal operation.
  • Suitable for use on any table, bench, or special stand provided by us.

A Few Important Points

  • The debeaker may be put off when not in use.
  • If the machine has been lying in a store for some time, the dust accumulated in the machine may be wiped off prior to its use.
  • The beaks are burnt with heat and are not cut by the blade. As such it is not necessary to sharpen the blade which should only be cleaned with a fine emery/glass paper. The sharpening will result in thinning the blade and shortening its life.