Egg Trays

DAYAL POULTRY APPLIANCES introduced plastic basket for the first time in India for better & durable hatching. Hatching basket should always be in one piece to avoid germs free hatching This is an innovative development by Dayal Poultry Appliances.

Salient Features

  • Chick Friendly, Comfortable Flooring Means Healthy Chick
  • Optimum Chick Quality
  • Better Air Flow Produces Higher Quality Chicks
  • Lighter Than Metal Baskets, No Rewelding
  • Superior Durability, Self Stacking
  • Reduces Labor, Easier To Clean Than Metal Basket
  • Reduces Electricity Consumption
  • Capacity To Hold 180 to 202 eggs
  • No rust, No Bent Corners , No Injured Toes, No Floor Birds
  • Plastic Basket Is Natural Way To Improve Poultry Health
  • For The Benefit Of Chicks Producers, Consumers